About CoPA

The Colorado Pipeline Association (CoPA) is comprised of pipeline operators throughout Colorado that are dedicated to promoting pipeline safety by providing information for excavators, state residents, businesses, school officials, emergency responders and public officials.


CoPA implements pipeline safety and emergency readiness programs for emergency responders, excavators, public officials, One-Call centers, residents and businesses and school officials in Colorado.

Listed below is a brief description of each program. Contact us for more information regarding CoPA programs. Members can access program documentation by visiting the “Information for CoPA Members” page.


The Emergency Responder program is directed toward local, state or regional officials, agencies and organizations with emergency response or public safety jurisdiction over geographic areas with pipelines. Program elements include:

  • A series of annual pipeline information meetings at various locations across the state
  • Emergency Contact Directory available in print and electronic formats
  • The development and publication of Interoperable Response Procedures
  • Linkage to The Identified Site Emergency Planning Application (ISEPA), a web-based mapping application
  • An annual communication from the Association containing baseline messages
  • An interactive training website with various pipeline emergency scenarios
  • Annual capability assessment and access to view capabilities by state and county


811The Excavator program is directed toward commercial excavators in Colorado. Key messages include the “Dig Safely” message and information about the use of One-Call Centers. Program elements include an annual mailing of the Excavation Safety Guide from the Association.


The Public Official program is directed toward local, city, county or state officials and other government employees with responsibility for land use and permitting, road maintenance or municipal-owned utility maintenance in areas where pipelines are located. Program elements include an annual newsletter from the Association.